Different Methods to Legally Remove a Judgment from Your Credit Report

December 15th, 2013

bigstock-Paid-Grunge-Red-Round-Stamp-53721358How does the three major credit bureaus gather the information in our credit reports? Most credit users especially for those who have problems with judgements against them for unpaid debts, wonder exactly how Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion gather the information, and why they sometimes disagree when it comes to their reports. Such judgements are noted in credit reports and can be a serious problem to a consumer’s credit score.

For those who receive credit judgments, this usually happens when a credit agency chooses to take a debtor to court to get back on unpaid debts. The agency may even be allowed to lien certain assets of the debtor until the debt is finally paid. Those who fully paid their credit judgments will still have this list on their credit history for seven years. Both unpaid and paid judgments Read more…

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5 Ways to Find Felony Conviction Records

December 13th, 2013

bigstock-Reviewing-A-Criminal-Record-43533220Are you looking for a list of convicted felons? Do you want to know whether you have convicted felons in your neighbourhood? Are you going to hire new applicants? Or, do you want to know whether some of your possible tenants were convicted? According to one survey, an estimate of over 12 million felons are in the United States. This represent the 8% working-age population. With that percentage, those who are searching for felony conviction records must make certain that they follow the Civil Rights Act made by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission so that they can also avoid discrimination.

Felony conviction records is one of the easiest to access type of public records as they are part of the public service the government provides. These records can be used for different purposes and can be very important when making employment decisions. But, how do you start your search for their records? Read more…

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How To Find Your Military Ancestors

December 9th, 2013

bigstock-Military-Service-Record-25712141The odds of your family not being tied to a military ancestry may be slim since nearly every generation of Americans has known war. The very foundation of America started from early revolution. From the early colonists, up to the men who are now serving the military. Even if you have never heard of your family being linked to military veterans, there is still a chance that you have a great-great grandfather who was once part of the military. To find out, try to do a research and you may be surprised of your lineage. Read more…

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The Benefits of Genealogy and Your Family Tree

December 7th, 2013

bigstock-family-tree-33335096Most of us at some point become interested in our own family history. While we are familiar about the names of our grandparents and their siblings, we may not even know the names of our great-great grandparents and the story of where they came from. Wouldn’t it be nice to know a bit of our history, then pass it on to our next generation? Giving them knowledge about a sense of where the family came, then share great stories of your ancestors will be your own self-fulfilment. Although not everyone will understand the names and dates of the data you will collect, but most of your family members will appreciate hearing where they have come from and how their ancestors fit into a great story. Read more…

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Is It Alright to do a Background Check on Your Boyfriend?

December 5th, 2013

bigstock-Love-Button-10881674It is not like you don’t trust him. You just want to be sure if he is really what he says he is. There are so many reasons why you should do a background check on someone and if you are thinking of getting married soon, you may probably want to make sure that he is the right deal. But, if you know your fiancé since childhood, you grew up in the same neighborhood, went to school and college together, practically you grew up together, there might not be a need for such check.

However, if you suspect your boyfriend is lying to you, have signs and signals of red flag even if you do not want to see it, hesitant about taking the relationship further, or just doesn’t feel right, Read more…

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Why Use an Online Background Investigation Service

December 3rd, 2013

bigstock--D-Small-People--Detective-44319499The Internet is a great source of information. Now you can go online to do a background investigation of an individual or an organization. Background checks provide valuable information to you in helping you make better decisions while giving you a peace of mind.

There are good reasons to use background check services online and here are some:

5 Reasons to Do a Background Check

Inaccurate Information. Have you seen the records that appear when people do an online background check on you? Is the information accurate? In some cases, the information that appears on one’s name is inaccurate. Such erroneous or inaccurate information may cause damage to a person’s reputation or credit standing.

One reason why you should do an online background check is to Read more…

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Tips on How to Verify Your Nanny’s Background by Checking Her

December 1st, 2013

bigstock-Baby-Sitter-Poster-1271384Hiring a nanny is just like choosing a perfume. You look for the brand, the name, the appearance of the bottle, and best of all, the scent. It would be impractical for anyone to just buy an expensive perfume without even checking if the scent is glorious. The right nanny is also like a perfume wherein you check her credentials, find out where she is from, where she’d worked, and most of all, if she can be trusted. As responsible parents, it is our duty to check all the references of our babysitters and nannies since they will be responsible for our most precious cargo, our children. Read more…

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4 Important Steps to Doing Background Checks for Nannies

November 29th, 2013

bigstock-Babysitter-13642175Nannies are hired so that they can look after young children. Whether they will live with the family or if they will stay for specific hours that will depend on the requirement of the parents, the importance of knowing who you will entrust your kids to are very important. Nannies can provide a lot of help to the family such as bringing the kids to school, doing grocery shopping, taking care of the kids, and may probably even help them with their homework. However,there is no denial that it is difficult to just give this responsibility to a person you don’t actually fully know.

How many times have you seen videos posted on YouTube or in your Facebook feed about nannies maltreating the kids that they were supposed to take care of? No good parent would want their kids to suffer Read more…

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15 Best Practice Standards When Searching for Criminal Records

November 27th, 2013

bigstock-Criminal-background-check-11618633Hiring new employees is not as easy as it looks. The process to getting reliable people to work for you will include verifying the credibility of that person. Government agencies, non-profit organizations and different types of businesses mostly check the criminal history of their applicants before hiring them. Checking the criminal history of a person is just part of a process that includes verifying education, previous employment and other reference information. However, Read more…

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Why Credit Reports are a Necessity for Landlords and Tenants

November 25th, 2013

bigstock-People-Credit-Score-Report-Car-10723022Is it really necessary for a new and inexperienced landlord to do a credit report for a potential tenant? Most would even avoid to do their own credit report since it takes time and money. However, this is not the time to get cheap. The importance of doing a credit report is necessary since it is still their business on the line. Fake credit reports are commonly available for everyone and a lot of landlords fall victim to this most of the time. Read more…

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