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How Much Do You Really Know About Your Online Friends?

There's no doubt the internet is an amazing tool that has changed the way the world communicates. We have the power to reach across and instantaneously touch someone a half a world away. We can now make friends from remote places all over the world, or right where we live in our hometown. However, the one drawback of the internet is that it give us all to hide behind a curtain of anonymity.

Anonymity means people can give us an impression about themselves they want us to see. In reality, they can be someone totally different. Unfortunately, until you know someone more intimately, there is no way you can learn the truth about that person by doing a background check.

It doesn't take much to be lied to, and set up for some type of scam. It's impossible to know who the friends are you've made online. And the worst thing is that you might be making friends with someone who is criminally dangerous. These are the kind of people that think there's no way you can find out their identity. They're wrong! By doing a background check that includes criminal records or marriage records, you'll be able to access the information you need.

Even if you don't have the real name of a person, you can still find out who they are by typing in their email address. You can also find out information about their court records, criminal and civil records, warrants, addresses, and much more. Doing a background check is a sure way of finding out who you're dealing with online.

It's important to not that a person should never give out sensitive information such as banking records, credit card information, social security number, and much more. A thief or scam artist can use your information and ruin your credit and good standing overnight.

Dating sites are a breeding ground for scam artists. And, because these sites operate on the power of emotion, a person can get blindsided with one scam after another. Men and women the world over have been scammed by people who they thought a stranger was their best friend. The only way you can be sure, is to run a background check.

Don't be on the list of the millions of people whose identity has been ripped off by people pretending to be a friend. Run a background check today to find out who your online friends really are.